Robotics AI, Robotics, Computers based on PCT are welcome here. Individual Organisms Explore the structure of individual organisms. Control Phenomena The basic of PCT - What is Control? How Control manifests? Et Cetera. Bill Powers's CSGnet threads This Category contains Bill Powers’s CSGnet threads collected and archived by Dag Forssell. Further information can be found on here. Cybernetic philosophers Many people have been excited by control theory and its implications. Recurrently, people (especially those new to PCT) who are familiar with writings of Bateson, Bertelanffy, Wiener, McCulloch, and others seek to understand PCT in their terms, or (more productively, perhaps) attempt to restate the ideas of such ‘cybernetic philosophers’ within the PCT model. Others look to explore the challenges that PCT poses for epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of science on first principles.
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