1996 Conference

from Ed Ford (950806.1530)

We have just nailed down Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff as the
place where our 1996 CSG conference will be held. We've got a meeting room
(holds 50 people) and Pat is working out getting a room for computers. The
prices for single room occupancy plus meals are the same as in Durango. The
dates are from Wednesday evening, July 17th through Sunday morning, July
21st. Pat Brady, a seventh grade teacher in the Osborn School District
where Clarendon is located (and the current union president), is taking
charge of the entire affair. Pat attended the 1995 conference in Durango.
He has done these things before many times for the teacher's union
conferences. You would fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and then take a
shuttle to Flagstaff. Details on the shuttle haven't been found out as yet.
Flagstaff hasn't the complete charm of Durango, but it has a charm all its
own. Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet, so there are lots of trees and grass,
unlike Phoenix, which is at 1,200 feet. When its 115 in Phoenix, it is 85
in Flagstaff. At any rate, all the other details are being worked out by
Pat. Plenty of parking on the NAU campus. So mark your calendars, no
excuses for not being there.

More on the details later. Take care, Ed.

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from Ed Ford (950806.1530)

Sounds absolutely wonderful Ed! Flagstaff vs Phoenix make enough of a
difference climate wise for me to want to attend even if there were no
other reasons.

My own reference for getting the hell out of Dodge er.. ah.. Raleigh has
increased dramatically since visiting Durango.