[from Mary Powers (960330)]

(Excuse the delay in posting this - there have been some glitches
in the arrangements)

                  * * * * ANNOUNCEMENT * * * *

                        1996 CSG MEETING

The 12th annual meeting of the Control Systems Group will be at
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, from Wednesday, July
17 until Sunday, July 21, 1996.

The sessions will be organized as in the past: plenary sessions
mornings and evenings, beginning Wednesday evening, with
afternoons open for more informal (if that's possible)
discussions and demos, rest, and recreation. The content of each
session will be determined at the first meeting Wednesday
evening, and depends on who is willing and prepared to talk about
what. Topics at previous meetings have included various aspects
of theory and modelling of the organization of living systems,
human and otherwise; and applications in experimental psychology.
education. sociology, management and organizations, therapy and
counselling, etc., etc. If you have a paper to present, plan to
bring 30 copies or so for people to read, so that your session
can be primarily for discussion and questions.

The cost will be $265 single, $225 double (each), $210 for
students. These are higher prices than in the past, but that's
the breaks. Transportation costs to Phoenix, a hub airport,
should be lower than to out-of-the-way Durango. From Phoenix
there are shuttle busses to Flagstaff ($21 each way), but the
first is too early, the second will get you there too late for
dinner, and the third, too late for the Wednesday night session.
If everyone lets me know their arrival time in Phoenix, I can try
to match people up to share rental cars (which would be nice to
have to see sights around Flagstaff afternoons). In scheduling
your flight, it may help to know that it's 140 miles on the
Interstate from Phoenix to Flagstaff, and the dining hall on
campus closes at 6:30.

The CSG has funds to subsidize conference costs for students and
those on limited incomes.

We are not completely mad to have a conference in Arizona in
July. While average July highs and lows in Phoenix are 105 and
74, in Flagstaff (at 7000 feet) they are 82 and 50. Lots to see
and do within an afternoon's range, but if you want to come early
or stay over after the meeting for trips further afield, plan on
finding a motel; NAU rooms are not available except with meals
and for conferences. You can stay on campus Tuesday night, but
the charge is $50 and does not include meals.

Further details (maps, brochures, etc.) will be mailed to
registrants. Please register early, and be sure to include
arrival time in Phoenix if you are flying (or let me know when
you know). Registration is $30 (students $15). The final date
for registration is July 5. Mail to Mary A. Powers, The Control
Systems Group, 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301-8136.



                       1996 CSG CONFERENCE



(Preferred address for CSG mail. Indicate home or work)

Phone_______________________ email_______________________________
(Indicate home or work)

Guest name_______________________________________________________
(Fee for guest sharing your room, $195. Guest in single, $235)

Fee enclosed: registration ($30)____ Guest registration ($10)____
Student registration ($10)____
(Balance due July 5: $235 double, $195 single, $380 self & guest
in double, student $200)

Full payment enclosed (including registration):
Single room ($265)____ Double ($225)____
Self and guest in double ($420)____ Student ($210)____

Banquet info: Vegetarian____ Wine____ Beer____ Juice/Pop____
(check preference)

Arrive by air in Phoenix at_____________. Would like (or am
willing) to share a car rental.

          * * * *

For students and those on limited income:

I am applying for a full____ partial (amount)________ waiver of
conference fees. Without this waiver, I cannot afford to attend.


I will repeat this announcement on the net several times. Please
pass it along to anyone you think would be interested. Dag or
Gary: add to www? Let me know if there are ambiguities or
omissions I can fix (send messages to me at
powers_w@fortlewis.edu )

Mary P.