1999 Conference Dates

[from Autumn Winter (980926.1800 pt) ]

The dates for the 1999 Control Systems Group annual conference to be
held in Vancouver, Canada are:

Wed., July 21 to Sun,. July 25, 1999.

I hope to settle on the conference fees and post an official
announcement within a month or two, as soon as the 1999 rooms charges
are set.

I was also planning on handling accommodation differently this year. I
may have attendees phone the conference accommodation center directly to
book and pay accommodation, using a credit card. Conference fees would
be sent to me directly.

If anyone who attended last year's conference has any questions or
suggestions on how to do things differently, just let me know.

Saturday banquet - cruise again or just a dinner? Afternoon or evening?

Book a room for Sunday morning get together?





Two suggestions:

1) Don't repeat the cruise. While it was great, doing it again the very
next year would be much lower in value. Possibly think about a special
place or a special theme for a dinner bancquet, i.e. a steak cookout under
the stars where we could watch the sun set or observe a scenic view of

2) Sunday morning meeting possibility. It might be fun and educational to
get all who can and want to come to give a brief summary of what they
learned that helped them. It would get everyone to participate and help
the leaders understand what types of information and learning formats are
most useful to the conference attendees.

Since some party late on Saturday night, and others may have to leave for
airplane return flights or long drives, it may not be too popular. This is
something you could plan for and poll the actual attendees say on Thursday
to see whether to go ahead or cancel.

Hope all is well with you. I've had some recent health set backs but have
been more normal the past few days. I go for blood tests Monday and to a
doctor Tuesday. Hoping the news won't be a major disturbance. :sunglasses:

best regards,

Ken Kitzke


Useful suggestions re the conference.


Glad to hear things have been closer to normal the past few days.

Take care bud,