19th Annual CSG Conference/Last Minute Details

[From Rick Marken (2003.07.19.1030)]

Here are some last little notes about the conference. I hope this gets to
everyone on time.

For those of you who are staying on campus, we will be staying in McCarthy Hall
(number 35 on LMU map at http://www.mindreadings.com/LMUmap.pdf). If you are
arriving on Wednesday you can pick up your room key and food pass at the
registration table which will be set up in front of the entrance to McCarthy
between 2 and 6 pm. If you arrive at any other time you will have to pick up your
room key and food pass at Leavey Hall (32 on the map) in the Summer Conferences
Office, which I believe is Suite B. The phone number is 310 338-2975 if you have
any problems.

All parking on the LMU campus is free. If you are driving to the conference and
staying in McCarthy Hall, park in Drollinger Plaza (F on the map). If you are just
attending the day sessions, park in the student or faculty lot in the basement of
University Hall (56 on the map).

McCarthy Hall is a nice dorm but there are no hangers in the closets. We have a
few hangers that we can give out to those who want them. But it would help if you
could bring one or two hangers of your own if you think you'll need them.

The LMU campus is not that big and it's fairly flat. It's about a 10 minute walk
from the McCarthy Hall dorm to the conference room (1857 University Hall), 5
minutes from McCarthy to the Malone center dining hall and 10 minutes from Malone
to University Hall. At the moment LA's weather is similar to that in North
Carolina hot and humid and thunderstorms. Hopefully, it will return to dry, warm,
clear perfection next week. But LMU is air conditioned (rare for places so close
to the beach) so we should be comfortable no matter what.

If you are driving to the conference, you should enter LMU via LMU drive which is
east off Lincoln Blvd just south of the Marina and Playa Vista. University Hall
(and parking) are immediately to your right; just go into any of the lots. If you
are staying at the dorm just stay on LMU until you see the sign pointing to
parking at Drollinger.

If you need directions or other help getting settled in, feel free to call me on
my cell phone: 310 729-1400.

See you soon.




Richard S. Marken
310 474-0313