2003 Conference Attendees

[From Rick Marken (2003.07.30.0920)]

Phil Runkel asked for a list of conference attendees. I thought that was a good idea
so here is my list people who attended CSG 2003 and their e-mail addresses. I'm
afraid I don't have Norm Smith's e-mail address so anyone who knows it, please
forward this to Norm. There was also a graduate student in education who attended
(via a reference from Hugh Petrie). I'm afraid I don't have her name or e-mail
address so if anyone does have this information, please send it to me. I've also
listed two people who registered for the meeting but had to cancel due to schedule

Best regards


                                2003 Conference Attendees

1. Rick Marken marken@mindreadings.com
2. Linda Westerschulte lwesterschulte@yahoo.com
3. Dag Forssell team@FORSSELLTRANS.COM
4. Christine Forssell team@FORSSELLTRANS.COM
5. Bill Powers powers_w@EARTHLINK.NET
6. Mary Powers powers_w@EARTHLINK.NET
7. Fred Good nview@aol.com
8. Perry Good nview@aol.com
9. Robert Summer rasummer@aol.com
10. Philip Runkel runk@oregon.uoregon.edu
11. Avery Andrews aandrews@gwu.edu
12. Peter Burke peter.burke@ucr.edu
13. Dick Robertson r-robertson@NEIU.edu
14. Vivian Robertson r-robertson@NEIU.edu
15. Lloyd Kleindinst lloydk@klinedinst.com
16. Bobby Bollman bbollmann@bbollmann.com
17. Zhang Huaxia hsszhx@zsu.edu.cn
18. Fan Dongping fandp@scnu.edu.cn
19. Yan Zexian yanzx@scnu.edu.cn
20. Bruce Abbott abbott@ipfw.edu
21. Ken Kitzke KJKitzke@AOL.COM
22. Mike Acree AcreeM@OCIM.UCSF.EDU
23. Gary Cziko g-cziko@uiuc.edu
24. Tui Hays nview@aol.com
25. Andrew Layton nview@aol.com
26. Hank Folsom hank@HENRYJAMES.COM
27. Bill Lauritzen spacehenge@attbi.com
28. Alice McElhone APMcE@aol.com
29. Joel Judd jbjudd@adams.edu
30. Richard Thurman ra-thurman@wiu.edu
31. Dan Palmer daniel.palmer@education.monash.edu.au
32. Bruce Nevin bnevin@cisco.com
33. Shelly Roy s-roy@charter.net
34. Norm Smith
35. Dave Rothman drothman1@juno.com
36. Robin Wang rwang@lmu.edu
37. Malcolm Dean malcolmdean@runbox.com

Cancellations due to conflicts

1. Randolph Nesse nesse@umich.edu
2. Diane Gossen restitution@sk.sympatico.ca


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