3CV1 Playback; Conference

[From Bruce Abbott (950201.0915 EST)]

Tom Bourbon [950131.1708]

I've been doing someting like that whenever I run programs in which two
PCT models, or a PCT model and person, interact in real time. That lets me
show representations of handles, cursors, and targets on the screen. It's
easy then to stop the action at any time and point out certain facts, like
the agreement between handle and cursor when there is no disturbance on the
cursor, or the disparities between handle and cursor when there is a
disturbance, or the various relationships that occur during different kinds
of interactions between controllers (humans or models).

Those are good ideas. When constructing the playback program I posted, I
considered adding another set of cursors that would show the model's
behavior, the negative of the disturbance, and the participant's behavior on
one "line," but then decided that all this might make the display too
confusing--better to put it in a separate program. I like your idea of
including a way to freeze the screen at selected points.

Do you think you will attend the CSG meeting in Durango, Colorado, in July?
If you do, we can all have a big show-and-tell session for our programs.
That might be a productive session. :slight_smile:

I'd like to come, but it remains to be seen whether I can work out the
logistics. I'll be teaching summer session at that time, and then there's
the funding issue. Still, I'm fairly optimistic.