931208 Hal P.--ps on what PCT might be

...and then, recognizing control as such, and as I think PCT seems to
do, I ask myself: What do you and I get for defining one referent
signal rather than another kind as real for ourselves: one form makes
me and those around me feel out of control; the harder I try to reach
it, the less I succeed. Another form of referent offers me a real
chance to achieve control. One kind of referent for control is
self-defeating; another makes control attainable.

I once cast my distinction between referents as exogenous to PCT. I
confess error (as far as I now see). I think what I've been driving
at can well be seen as an elaboration of PCT principles, in no sense a
departure from them. Tell me, PCT-ers, am I getting warmer or colder?
Are your generous efforts to help bring your perception of what I
ought to recognize closer to what you perceive I do recognize paying
off, or are you failing more than ever to achieve control of your
perception of me? l&p hal