931208 Hal P. to 931208 Rick on whether there's anything like PCT

I'm skeptical. In form, I pick up that PCT takes the position of
those who defend free will versus those who find human behavior to be
environmentally determined. I can think of numerous examples of
"control" phenomena that have been defined as you seem to define PCT
premises, Rick, such at WI Thomas's theorem that things that are
defined (read "we choose to define") as real are real in their
consequences, or Robert King Merton's extension of the individual
Thomas theorem into a collective phenomenon: the self-fulfilling
prophecy. Some time back I remember writing that if one takes the
Swahili-language broad view of what "see" means, PCT amounts to
presupposing that we see what we
want to see and act accordingly. I risk demonstrating my continued
abysmal ignorance of what PCT is all about by repeating that
perception of mine. What am I missing? l&p hal