A final note

From [Marc Abrams (2005.02.07.1228)]

Bill, I have spent the greater part of the past 25 years educating myself and hopefully will continue to do so for as long as I live.

One of the things I have realized over the years is that when I actually acquire a new bit of real understanding, what I actually have acquired is an understanding that I really know less and less about more and more kinds of things.

You really would benefit from opening up you mind to some new experiences and ideas.

But Please don’t take this personally. Your lap dog is also a prima donna that could use some sense.

Rick posted in response to a Bjorn post;

“I think neurologists and biochemists have far more to learn about control
from PCT than PCT has to learn about control from neurologists and




If Rick ever read Llinas, or the work of any number of other scientists he would not say these foolish words. Such is the hubris of CSGnet and it’s main proponents. What a complete and utter waste of talent.

Ta ta everyone,