A funny thing happened in sci.cognitive

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I found this in the NewsNet group sci.cognitive. I can see why Tom
Bourbon's hair is all white (like mine). Who is this guy, Tom?
I'll wait a couple days before responding to see if anyone with a
cooler head than mine (ie. just about EVERYBODY) wants to handle
this first.




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Could someone please give me a brief summary of William Powers' Perceptual
Control Theory - I am about to get hold of his 1973 book "Behavior: The
Control of Perception", but wondered if I could get hold of a concise summary
first to enable me to see if it is relevant to my research interests
(Processes of associative learning and attention in intelligent agent

I believe a brief version appeared in Psych. Review about the same time the
book came out.

From what I have been told, his theory seems to bear relations to Gibson's
(1979) concept of "affordances", Ballard's (1991) animate vision paradigm and
Heidegger's concept of "Dasein" (cf. Chapman, 1990).

If you're looking for CLOSE relations to the foregoing theories / ideas, I
think you're in for a disappointment. Powers' view, I have always thought, is
insufficiently constrained to count as a theory. A "meta-theory" or research
program, perhaps.

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Gawk! And this guy is a ham too! More from him and I may have to pull
my call from my signature!

On the more profound lighter side, this came up as a cookie today:

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you
really make them think they'll hate you.

I love it!

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