"a good thread"

[From Norman Hovda (2000.04.12.2230)]

[Shannon Williams (2000.04.12.2200 CST)]

Norman, your behavior is an attempt to control your perceptions. [Wedo
agree on that?]


If you "do your shopping elsewhere", it is because this
behavior tends to bring your perceptions closer to your reference points.

Whatever I do usually reduces error but not always.

What do you do if you do not believe that 'shopping around' will alter your

Stay conflicted and eventually reorganize.

> But to expect that a patriarchal gov is gonna do it for you is a
> lord of the flies fantasy.

Has Bill used the word "patriarchal" to describe his ideas on government?Or
is that your depiction of his ideas?

My impression of those whom seek gov as regulator.

> What can be done, will be done with, or without, gov or law.

You mean that conflicts just spontaneously resolve?

Sometimes. More often than not going up a level helps shift one's

There are noprocesses
which affect this process one way or the other?

"This process" being one that "spontaneously resolve[s]"? I see all
kinds of systems and processes that "affect", interact or disturb other
processes. I'm not sure I understand your question.