A Leap Upward, A Large Leap...

From Bill Williams 14 February 04 11:30 PM CST]

This post may be both boring and incoherent. Unless you found Keynes'
appendix on User Cost thrilling, I would recommend against reading further.
I hope to do much better when I have completed the scholarly sequel to the
"Runnning Naked ..." CSG fable. However, some readers may find the
discussion of a "large leap upward" to be of interest in view of Bill Powers
claim that I have yet to make a contribution to CSG. Powers' claim that his
memory is both precise and accurate may, in light of statements recently
found, be view with a measure of skepticism. There is no claim that Powers'
has got "All of his facts wrong." But rather that he has got some of his
facts embarrassingly wrong.

One of the particularly advances in training that has been achieved by the
famed Imps Institute, and especially in the Demon's Institute for Advanced
Studies has been

the inculcation of a resistance to the fears and doubts that are commonplace
among those how have not had the advantage matriculating from a course of
such studies. Bill Powers and Rick Marken in two recent posts candidly

discuss their inability to resist reading my posts. To cope with this
inability they are actually taking measure, or at least considering taking
measures to automatically block my posts from their view. I can't say that I
have had such difficulties myself. But, having had the

advanced course in condescension does make a marked difference in one's
capacity to engaged in an elaborate overlooking of hostile
inconsequentialities. Thus I have never so much as opened basic documents
such as the published version of the "Leakages" tract. I have never
experienced sufficient temptation to do so.

The ritual practice, at all official training table dinners, of standing up
between the salad and the main course and roaring at each other "No. No. You
are the idiot." is a typical feature of the program's detailed attention to
emotional conditioning the participants so that they can with stand severely
aversive conditions

with equanimity.

Over time according the principles of de-sensitization-- can be employed to
instill confidence among the imps and demons that nobody else has the
slightest clue. Thus we don't experience the dilemma that is reported by
the two unfortunates-- who not only are seeming in doubt about the merits of
their tradition-- a tradition which bears the singularly unfortunate
caption -- _Leakages_.

No, wonder, having blundered right at the initial moment in their attempt to
construct a tradition, they have saddled themselves, by I see they have
chosen" a banner that can

not hope to inspire the most condescending heckling. I doubt in all of
history that there has ever been a winning team with the name "Leakeages."
Who would choose to be known as a "Leakier." Such a nomenclature can only
provoke jeers such as "Like, what does it take to make you 'leak?'" Or,
"Are you going to squirt now, or wait until the going gets tough?"
Obviously, little or no thought was given to the impression it would make
when this caption was selected. Planning ahead is not a characteristic
feature of this tradition.

As a consequence when Rick Marken, a well known "Leakier," who holds the
title of "chief assistant designer." reflected upon his comparatively slight
experience with economic

controversy, he came to the conclusion that [Rick Marken (2004.01.26.2300)]

"I've learned that economics,...is not for the faint hearted."

Wearing a signboard that says "Leakages" of course makes it even more
tiresome. But, rarely

have truer words ever been spoken.

And, even Bill Powers, AKA as the Head Designer" though rarely seen any
more running naked through the forest, has expressed with some exasperation
that, [Bill Powers

[(2004.01.26.2103 MST)]

"Credentialized experts [in economics]

are turning out to be a bit hard to deal with."

Nothing, that could be said could bring more satisfaction to the graduate
faculty who bear the burden of the finally conditioning of

student imps for their initial field assignments.

From the initial lesson, "Always walk out of a negotiation, before

initiating a discussion concerning price," To the final lesson that an
autistic rant on what it might feel like to, flip back the safety cover, and
just push the button and get it over with, may just provide the needed edge,
the constant element upon which everything else depends is maintaining the
proper attitude-- which is "I don't give a shit." Recently I've found it
sounds even better in Spanish.

In recent messages that have been posted under the thread, "Giant Leaps in
the wrong direction" the toad that has been hopping off without much, if any
sense of direction, has been Rick Marken.

In contrast I would like to draw attention to a posting by Bill Powers,
who's memory recently has become unreliable. Not too long ago, Bill Powers
said the following, [Bill Powers

2003,02,16 1006 MST

"Bill [Williams], this was a wonderful post that Ill consider at length. I
just wanted to express my admiration and appreciation as well as my thanks
for the extended and welcome outpouring of your thoughts and hopes. My
expectations of your success have taken a large leap upward."

Well, "a large leap upward." isn't quite a "giant leap upward." But, it sure
as hell beats, "a giant leap in the wrong direction."

Recently Bill Powers' has either revised his criteria regarding what is and
isn't regarded as a "contribution" to CSG, to PCT, and HPCT, or he has
adopted some new criteria. The transition

seems to have taken place because I didn't share the admiration Bill has for
what his dad managed to do with his "Leakages"


The entire problem seems to have been a result of Bill Powers having decided
what the conclusions of his economic test bed project would be before he
started work.

As Powers describes it,

   [From Bill Powers (2003.02.180735 MST)]

"The point we need to make in a Help Wanted ad [for an economist] is that
the basic philosophy

  of the model is approximately established, but its direction of
development will have to be decided step by step as we go."

It all depends, of course, what the distribution is in regard to "The basic
philosophy of the model is approximately established...."

but, the

"direction of development will have to be decided step by step as we go."

Bill Powers naturally enough is of the opinion that he is going to be in
charge, and he will make the decisions as to where the economic modeling is

Time will tell whether he is going to be able to make a success of such a

However, it appears to me that Powers hasn't made much progress since I told
him four or five years ago, that I wasn't interested in promoting his dad's
ideas. At that point he said he would get Rick to do it. Now, they may be
getting down to it. It seems to me more apparent now than it was half a
decade ago that Bill Powers retains extremely influential misconceptions he
got from his dad. Not having read the Leakages tract, I couldn't say, but
the misconception that Y = C + S + I must have come from somewhere.

This, and other misconceptions can be expected to prevent his efforts making
as they said a meaningful "contribution" when viewed from the standpoint of
a larger community-- that is a larger community than the one created by Bill
Powers and Rick marken and what is left of an economics thread.

Once again there is a hint of that Giant Sucking sound, the howl that over
time empties out the meaning of life, and everything else too.

Bill Williams