A Letter to the Editor

[From Rick Marken (2009.05.16.1800)]

Here is a Letter to the Editor that my wife wrote to the LA Times. I was completely surprised when I saw it printed (we didn’t get a call from the Times, as we usually do when they are considering publication) and I was very impressed by the letter itself. It proves that she is not only hot, she is smart, courageous and she intuitively understands what I think is the most important message of PCT: we are all controllers.


Goldberg offers this definition of anti-Semitism from the
Anti-Defamation League: “The moment you compare the Jews to those who
consciously and systematically determined to wipe them off the face of
the Earth – that’s anti-Semitism.” That inane statement is not only
false on its face, it attempts to erase the most important lesson of
the Holocaust – that the capacity to commit such atrocities is within
us all. We must be ever vigilant against allowing one another to act it
out. That means Israelis too. Having been the receivers of horror
doesn’t immunize a group from being criticized for similar behavior.

by the way, that part about UC Santa Barbara considering disciplinary
procedures against professor William I. Robinson for distributing
challenging material to his class? Say it isn’t so. Tell me that was a

Richard S. Marken PhD