A Little More, How Near; A Little Less, Now Worlds Away...

[From Bruce Gregory (970401.1040 EST)]

I just finished Henry J. Perkinson's _Teacher's Without Goals;
Students Without Purposes_, a very valuable book that _just_
misses the point -- if only Perkinson knew about control!

"If the parallel that evolutionary epistemologists make
between the grow of knowledge and the growth or evolution of
the species is correct, then students' purposes are irrelevant
to the growth of their knowledge. Students' knowledge _will_
grow; _students will_ improve it when they recognize
inadequacies in what they heretofore accepted as adequate."

What I think Perkinson misses is that inadequacies are only
perceived to be such when they interfere with the student's ability
to exercise control. We learn in order to extend our domain of
control. As someone recently said on this net (me, if I recall
correctly :wink: ) "Control is the only problem."

Snowbound but unbowed

Bruce Gregory