A most interesting comment from a molecular biologist

[From Bill Powers (940715.1200 MDT)]

One of my correspondents is an established biologist and MD (who
prefers, for now, to remain anonymous). He says that in the course of
learning PCT he has realized its importance and is somewhat amazed that
during his medical and bio-scientific training he never encountered a
serious attempt to teach, or even consider, control theory. I asked him
for permission to cite a paragraph from a letter, which he kindly gave:

For starters, NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE, in all of my medical and molecular
biology training has ever mentioned 'control systems' or the theory
thereof; I certainly have never had a graduate student, post-doc, or
senior scientist colleague approach me with 'eh, what'ya think about
considering systems theory as a formal construct for the work we are
doing on gene expression control, or splicing regulation, or signal
transduction [this means nothing like what you think about as when
describing F4, F1, or F2, though it *most* definitely applies; its just
my colleagues don't know it].

Kind of gives you goosebumps, doesn't it?



Bill P.

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[From Bill Powers (940715.1200 MDT)]

I suppose that there is little difference between that and the idea that
the medical profession pretty well ignores its' own evidence and even
its' own research into "wellness care". It is not popular to tell
someone that if they need an angioplastigram (sp?) that what they really
need is a significant lifestyle change AND that evidence is strong that
their survival depends more upon the lifestyle than it does upon the
medical procedure.