A New Dawn

[From Bruce Gregory (980809.1242 EDT)]

Rick Marken (980809.0930)

O frabjous day! Callouh! Callay! (I chortle in my joy)

Good to see you happy once more.

Can we do away with "war" and "poverty" next?

Oh, must we? Doing away with coercion was so exhausting. Let's leave war and
poverty alone until you feel compelled to provide a PCT "explanation" of
them. (Not that I want to give you any ideas...)

Bruce Gregory

[From Rick Marken (980809.0930)]

Bruce Nevin (980809.0430)--

What I object to as waffley mush is attributing characteristics of
overwhelming force to situations of threat or offer. There are
important differences. We have been led to ignore them, and then
repeatedly to stumble, because we are using the same word,
coercion, for different things. We will surely continue using
that word. We need to be clear whether we mean force or imagined
force (threat or offer).

Bill Powers (980809.0852 MDT) --

You're quite right. You have effectively removed the word
"coercion" from my working vocabulary, by proving that it
means so many things that it ends up meaning nothing, like
a curse-word.

Bruce Gregory (980809.1137 EDT)

Fine post. No matter what the coercion, the person being coerced
can choose to resist or to adopt another Plan to deal with the

O frabjous day! Callouh! Callay! (I chortle in my joy)

I wake to a world from whence the taint of "coercion" has been
removed by _linguists_!

I must tell Humpty Dumpty that he no longer needs to pay the
word "coercion" anything at all (let alone the extra he was
paying for all those extra meanings) when it comes round on
Saturday night to collect its wages.

Can we do away with "war" and "poverty" next?




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