A normative CSG???

From Greg Williams (930101 - 2)

Ed Ford (930101:1305)

If PCT teaches
anything, it is that the whole system should work as an intigrated
entity such that it will ultimately achieve harmony within itself
and, at the same time, satisfy all of its intended goals.

I think you left out a clause between "... it is that" and "the whole
system..." -- a clause to the effect that "if the system (organism) is to
satisfy such and such conditions." Otherwise you will be presuming that
whatever those conditions are, CSG sanctions them. But that is an ethical
point of view which I believe (that word, again!) is not supported by the
tenets of PCT. With the clause in, you would be saying that CSG teaches a way
(based on PCT tenets, of course) in which the conditions -- whatever they are
-- can be obtained, while remaining neutral (as natural science must) about
the desirability of those conditions. But maybe you DO think that CSG is or
should be (more ethics!) a PRESCRIPTIVE organization?

As ever,