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I found this in the news, it is not very relevant, but the new buzzword
("high integrity") seems to overlap with "resistence to disturbances".

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From: abbott@aero.org (Russ Abbott)
Subject: New Journal: High Integrity Systems
Date: 14 Oct 1993 14:31:55 GMT
Organization: Aerospace


               Announcement and Call for Papers: High Integrity Systems

The new Oxford University Press journal "High Integrity Systems" will
explore issues related to systems that either require high integrity or
exhibit it, or both.

o Systems may require high integrity because failure leads to
          critical losses. Typically these are systems that affect human safety
          environmental stability, finance, or some aspect of the societal

o Systems may exhibit high integrity because they have evolved
        mechanisms to survive the kinds of shocks their environments may offer.

Although redundancy, fault tolerance, and reliability are important
properties of many high integrity systems, the journal is not solely
about these features. Its focus is broader. Its aim is to provide an
interdisciplinary platform for the examination of mechanisms that allow
systems to accomplish their objectives in the face of both anticipated
and unanticipated obstacles. Strategies used by both computer-based and
naturally occurring systems are of interest. Papers focusing on the
design, analysis, and explication of such mechanisms and strategies are
solicited. Analyses of the social and legal consequences of losses of
system integrity are also of interest. Original research, case studies,
and tutorial and survey articles are all welcome.

The journal is supported by an international editorial board. All
papers are fully refereed. Electronic submission is encouraged.
Publication of accepted papers within six months of submission is

For author information contact either:

        A. D. McGettrick,
        University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XH, UK


Associate Editor:
        R. J. Abbott,
        California State University, Los Angeles, Ca 90032, USA
        The Aerospace Corporation, PO Box 92957, Los Angeles, Ca 90009, USA

Announcements and news items are welcomed by:
        P. A. Bennett,
        Centre for Software Engineering Ltd., Scunthorpe, UK


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