A reply for Charles Tucker

From [Marc Abrams (2004.26.1721)]

From Charles Tucker somewhere in a bunker someplace

Since you refuse to label your posts properly I took the liberty.

Was the subject line clear enough for you? Or do you have doubts about what
you are going to read?

This is what the people on CSNET are talking about. Your are clearly
interested in Christian Right politics NOT any understanding of human
action. John Kerry is not imploding; he is simply pointing out what right
wing fascists that Bush and Cheney and the Repubican Party are today.
Perhaps you should direct
your comments to Politics.com rather than CSGNET.com. You don't need to
reply to this post since I deletemost of them anyway. If you have any more
comments about politics why don't you be honest about them and clearly

> label them.

Feel better? Good, Let me try and educate you. My reference to Kerry was not
meant as a political statement or as an endorsement of Bush. It was intended
to show how the folks on CSGnet were sticking their foots in their mouths by
recommending things that _cut-off_ communications with others and made the
talent pool _smaller_ not bigger. Just the opposite of what the _intention_
is. Kerry trying to justify his run for the presidency made a very foolish
mistake in making his service the center of his campaign, and the more he
opens up his mouth and tries to shut the others up, the more we all get to
see what kind of piece of trash he is. So, I may or may not vote for Bush, I
haven't decided yet. But I sure as hell will _not_ be voting for Kerry. Bugs
Bunny seems like a good write-in at the moment.

You don't like free speech do you? You don't like the Vietnam vets telling
it like it is, do you? To bad, I happen to be a Vietnam vet, and Kerry can
kiss my big fat _JEWISH_ ass. But you wouldn't understand the hostility that
most vets, including the 64 that served with him and one on his boat, have
for this liar.

This is what I love about CSGnet, such wonderful discourse. Btw, Bill or
Rick, does Chuck's post count as a smear? I hope not. We need more of this
kind of clear thinking on CSGnet. Chuck's focus on PCT in his last two posts
have added immeasurably to my knowledge of what PCT can actually do for you
if you study it hard enough. Between Chuck, Mary, Bill, and Rick, I'm
learning more about PCT in these past 4 days then I have in the last 10
years. It's been interesting. :slight_smile: