A Separate List!

Ed Ford (950725.afternoon)

I was notified that the following message did not get posted. I am
resending it.

With regard to the separate listing for applications people. I personally
would not want to be on it, and, if one were to exist, I would remain on the
"science" net. As Bruce Abbott suggested, there is really not enough of us
out there and frankly the strength of our organization is that we listen to
each other. We can't if we are on separate lists. I might not fully
understand what is being said at times, but I do get a lot from the science
group. Also, I am so overwhelmed by what's going on in my life that I have
little time keeping up with the net as it is, much less being a regular
participant on a separate net. In short, stay with one net and keep us one
group. If I have something to say, I'll say it on "our" net. Best, Ed.