A Silent PCT Zealot

David Wolsk (951116.1600) --

I can't help but wonder if there are more like me on the CSG-net, out
there mostly silent as their working issues seem too removed from
Newton, theory building theory, a one very tired cat. If so, I hope the
participation can spread.

I fit your specification. Since attending and enjoying the 1995 CSG Conference,
I have been reading the CSG-net posts daily. While they have been educational
and sometimes entertaining, they are rather oblique to my interest in PCT.

My interest is focused on the application of the understanding of PCT to the
science of management. My problem is that earning a living (I consult with and
educate organization top management in the use of quality management systems)
gets in the way of expanding the understanding of PCT (as a fundamentally
different theory of behavior) into this science.

I suspect that the science of management as currently practiced has some serious
flaws. This is not too different than trying to convince practicing
psychologists that there are some serious flaws in the "science" of psychology.
And, my limited work to date has produced a similar type of resistance to the
new theory experienced by PCT zealots when approaching the field of psychology.

But, I will not give up easily. I am energized by the idea expressed by
President John Kennedy when he said something to the effect like, "We will go to
the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard."

If behavior really is the control of perception and people are really autonomous
control systems, then we should be able to improve the science of management
which does not acknowledge or accept either premise.

At the Conference, a suggestion was made to open a list just for PCT
applications. That way people like you and I could focus on issues other than
mathematical models, cats jumping out of boxes, how Newton did his work, cause
and effect, IV-DV, etc., all of which are fine for our theorist brethern. Of
course, one could read both lists, if they so desired. This idea was not

So, if you want to raise some application matters, you must do so on the CSG-net
along with all the theoretical threads, and hope you get a nibble. Most of the
theorists have shown interest in practical application scenarios or issues. I
join Rick Marken in encouraging you to confront us with the real world and its
problems as you perceive it.

Best regards,