A spreadsheet with Appendix- page 175, Fact of Control

[From Rick Marken (2009.07.24.2250)]

Gavin Ritz (2009.

Thanks Rick I see in the book there are the formulas in the appendix. Your
spreadsheet doesn�t really help that much as your reference signal is fixed
and ultimatley it is the reference signal that is key to the input quantity,
the most the important thing for me is to see the mathematical relationships
at this stage.

Actually, the reference signal (the value in cell D2) is variable;
you're the one who can vary it. That's one of the main points of the
little demo; pluck a new reference value into cell D2 and watch what
happens to the perceptual signal (controlled variable) in cell D4.
Control of perception!




Richard S. Marken PhD