" A Tour of the Calculus"

From [ Marc Abrams (980813.1402) ]

In reading the _Tour of the Calculus_ by David Berlinski I came across
an interesting passage that, I think, has relevance both to PCT and
my post to Mary yesterday. I hope I am not breaking any copyright

Pg xii. Introduction

"It is sometimes said and said by mathematicians that the usefulness
of the calculus ( PCT :slight_smile: ) resides in it's applications. This is an
incoherent, if innocent, view of things. However much the
mathematician may figure in myth, absently applying stray symbols to
an alien physical world, mathematical (PCT ) theories apply _only_ to
mathematical (PCT) facts, and mathematics (PCT), can no more be
applied to facts that are _not_ mathematical (PCT) than shapes may be
applied to liquids. If the calculus (PCT) comes to vibrant life in
celestial mechanics ( human behavior ) as it surely does, then this is
evidence that the stars in the sheltering sky (human behavior) have a
secret mathematical identity, an aspect of themselves that like some
tremulous night flower they reveal only when the mathematician
( PCTer ) whispers. It is in the world of things and places, times and
troubles and dense turbid processes, that mathematics (PCT) is not so
much applied as _illustrated_." David Berlinski