A Useful Resource

[Avery Andrews 95056]

This looks like it might be quite a useful resource for us, given the
subject area it seems to be starting out in:


Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 17:07:59 -0400
From: NetQ <netq@spo.rowland.org>
Subject: NetQ

Dear colleague,

I am writing to inform you of an experimental service, called NetQ,
that is available to you, your students, and others who might be
interested. A description is below, but please do take a few moments
and look at it directly on WWW. The address is http://netq.rowland.org.
Thanks. -Stewart Wilson

                      Announcement of NetQ

"NetQ" makes it possible to get answers to questions while reading
an author's article.

It is starting small, with just six articles. For the articles
themselves, you can use either the hard-copy publication or download
a PostScript file from NetQ; one of the articles is also on-line.

In either case, if your question has already been asked by someone,
you will be able to access the answer directly. If not, you can type your
question onto a form (please do) and it will be forwarded automatically and
*anonymously* to the author. He or she will answer it as soon as possible.
Your question and the answer will be added to the article's Q/A structure and
become available to everyone who follows (including you!).

By building up questions and answers this way, the idea is to create
an approximation to a high-quality interaction with the author that will
be available to large numbers of people.

The articles on NetQ as of 5/24/95 are:

        "Virtual Genetic Algorithms: First Results"
          by John Grefenstette

        "Evolutionary Wanderlust:
                Sexual Selection with Directional Mate Preferences"
          by Geoffrey Miller and Peter Todd

        "Is a Learning Classifier System a Type of Neural Network?"
          by Robert E. Smith and H. Brown Cribbs, III

        "The Blind Breeding the Blind: Adaptive Behavior without Looking"
          by Peter Todd, Stewart Wilson, Anil Somayaji and Holly Yanco

        "ZCS: A Zeroth Level Classifier System"
          by Stewart Wilson

        "Classifier Fitness Based on Accuracy" (also on line)
          by Stewart Wilson

You are invited to try NetQ at the URL http://netq.rowland.org.

NetQ is an experiment and your comments will be appreciated--also your

        -Stewart Wilson

P.S. If you have trouble connecting to NetQ or receiving a Postscript
file, please let me know at wilson@smith.rowland.org.