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The quotation for the day below the string of dots begged to be sent to
you, a disturbance that I couldn't ignore. I don't know who O'Neill is.



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sap.id \'sap-*d\ aj [L sapidus tasty, fr. sapere to taste - more at SAGE]
  1a: affecting the organs of taste : possessing flavor 1b: having a strong
  agreeable flavor 2: agreeable to the mind

  1868 Sat. Rev. 19 Dec. 794/2 "Quite as important as the possession..of
  all these faculties, is the temper, spirit, tone, or manner of their
  use, the something which makes them sapid."

Lately I've received huge amount of mail with the query: "There are three
words in the English language ending in gry: angry, hungry... what is the
third one?" Perhaps some contest on the Internet has this as one of the
questions. You can find the answer in an earlier issue of in AWADmail
(A.Word.A.Day -- AWADmail Issue 4). This reminds me how long
it has been since the last issue of AWADmail. I have not been able to find
time to write AWADmail column for quite some time now, but I'll try resume it
soon. -Anu

Behaviorism is the art of pulling habits out of rats. -O'Neill

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