About demo of Rick

From Remi Cote (980727.0952)

In the S-R vs control demo from Rick Marken:

According to the demo describing the difference between S-R and Control
there is no correlation between the S value and R value.

But I was never convince of the validity of this demonstration.

If I may take your own illustration for this:

There is no relation between the amount and type of movement you do with
mouse and the wanted result perception of the position of the cursor.

There is no correlation between S and R.

If you alternate between to process
1)stop controlling the perception
2)continue controlling
4) continue

then you will find a correlation between the movement of the mouse and
the perception
of the cursor. The error of the S-R establishment was that they didn't
intuited that
there was two S implied in this process, more precisely (thank to PCT)
two perception
of S controlled for. The cursor loose or the cursor stabilised around a

This illustration examplified a broad mistake done by S-R. In a will to
the labo data they wrongfully obliterated the bio that they want to