About My Tape

from Ed Ford (920306.14:20)

Gary - concerning the tape:

I was most fortunate to have been asked two years ago this month by
the program manager for our local PBS station, to do a series of shows
on relationship building through the television media. At that time,
he was taking a course from me on marriage & family (loaded with lots
of control theory) at a local renewal center. After submitting a
proposal and having it accepted, product development got the project
under way, the account executives got corporate sponsors, and I was
asked to submit a script. Bill was kind enough to review my approach
concerning control theory and offered valuable suggestions.

The last two weeks before filming had me doing "run throughs" almost
daily and the show was filmed on Saturday, Jan. 11th, with 25
technicians, a make-up artist, a still photographer, three cameras, a
beautifully designed set, cables everywhere, two technical TV trucks,
an audience of 125 people, and me. Needless to say, I was somewhat

It then went into "post production" where everything was professionally
tied together, including graphics (including an explanation of CT),
titling, audience shots, editing of unnecessary words, various audience
shots and sounds strategically inserted, and now is ready for the
premiere Monday, March 16th at 7 p.m. locally in Phoenix. The show was
designed for the pledge drives, using my book Love Guaranteed as a
promotion gift (which also explains control theory and includes in the
back the reference list of CT books & papers that Bourbon and Bill
Williams put together for my book, Freedom From Stress). If the
ratings are good, other PBS stations will use it during their pledge
drive weeks so it does have a chance of eventually being seen in other
areas of the country.

The show is in two segments (24 & 21 minutes) and the first is
partially dedicated to explaining CT. Also, the credits at the end
mention the origin of CT as coming from William T.Powers, his books &
the Control Systems Group. I tried to explain the concepts as simply
as I could while still maintaining the essence of control theory. I'll
have some in a few weeks for commercial sale for $20 plus $2 shipping.
Paid up CSG members will be given a 50% discount, or $10 plus $2

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