abstract deadline for CogSci97

Although the deadline for full-paper submissions to the 1997 Cognitive
Science Conference is now past, you still have until Tuesday, March 4,
to deliver a hardcopy one-page abstract. These submissions must follow
the instructions for authors available at the conference web page:


Authors of abstracts are guaranteed one page in the proceedings and a
poster at the conference, but on one condition: the presenter must be
a member of the Cognitive Science Society or they must join when the
send in their final, camera-ready copy on April 29. More information
about the Society is available at:


If you have already sent us a six-page paper, you do not need to submit
a separate abstract. Even if your paper is not accepted, you will still
have a chance to contribute an abstract to the proceedings. If you have
any questions about abstracts or about the conference, please send email
to cogsci97@csli.stanford.edu.