Acceptance sermon

Bill Cunningham 920125.1310
(Bob Clark 920125)

Amen and Amen. Very good advice, as should be self evident.

Last November, John Gabriel and I were "peddling" our approach to
an official moderately high in federal officialdumb. He was very
polite, said "that's nice" and wondered what he was to do the
information. I called him the next day to say that the real test
of a new paradigm claim was whether it helped him solve problems
heretofore intractable, and that we would welcome a chance to
work on his "top ten". The response was immediate and friendly.
He said that made great sense and invited us return in March when
he would have a better feel for his "top ten", given change in
administration. I'm not sure he'll have it by then, but I do
think we'll get in the door when it's time. We're lucky he accepted the
followup phone call. I feel pretty stupid for not having started our
presentation with that point. Lesson learned, hopefully only once.

Or to paraphrase Bill P: I can lead a horse to water because that's my
business, but I can't make him drink because that's his business. Moral:
If you want to sell water, find horses when they are thirsty.

Bill C.