Ad; Closed Loop

[from Gary Cziko 930301.1540 GMT]

Greg Williams (930228) said:

No problem with the ad, here. Let the new netters arrive -- I'm ready.

I'm not sure I am (I already get tons of returned messages every day from
CSGnetters who become disconnected for one reason or another), but I'll go
ahead with this anyway. How about someone out there composing a nice ad?
I can add the technical info to it.

But I hope that some more OLD netters will agree to let me use their
posts in future CLOSED LOOPs (I need copyright permission). You (might)
know who you are....

Greg, why don't you mention by name the people who contribute a lot to
CSGnet but who have not given you clearance? Attach to that a copy of the
form you need filled out and I bet you will get some results.

If you are too shy to go public with their names, send them to me (again
with a copy of the clearance form) and I will contact each one privately.

The doctor decided not to open up Cam's arm -- just stomped on it a
bunch in the operating room. All going well now.

I hope that those were well-controlled stomps and not ballistic ones.

Did anyone like or not like the last CLOSED LOOP? (Hint, hint.)

I sure did. It contained prettily formatted versions of two of my favorite
previously underground papers. Both will be required reading for the
graduate seminar I am now teaching which includes PCT.--Gary

P.S. You will soon get csg-l log9302d. Remember there is usually no
log9302e in February so don't bug me about not receiving it (hint, hint).


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