Ad; Human Error

[from Gary Cziko 930304.1115 GMT]

This note from Rick Marken apparently made it to me but never made it to
CSGnet (for some unfathomable reason). So I am forwarding it for me.
Hopefully Rick will be normally connected again soon.

[from Rick Marken (930302.0800)]

Gary Cziko (930301.1540 GMT) -

How about someone out there composing a nice ad?
I can add the technical info to it.

Well, I made my little contribution. I would like to see an ad
from Avery (if he has the time now) since he seems to be the one
who is most aware of the goals of cognitive psychologists. He is
also most unlikely to include in the ad claims about PCT being the
most remarkable intellectual achievement since Eve took a bite out
of the serpent's apple.


To whom it may concern (but particularly to Martin Taylor):

Does anyone have some very recent ('91 -'93)references to articles
on "human error"? I was looking over some old attempts of mine to
write a paper on "human error" (being a Human Factors engineer
and all -- some would say that "reducing human error" is what
Human Factors is all about) and I liked them so much that I've
decided to present on this topic at the Durango meeting. The most
recent work I'm familiar with is Norman's "The psychology of
everyday things". Are there any more recent works on the subject
that anyone knows about?

If anyone wants to start a net discussion on this subject, that
would be great. I guess I would start with the question "how is
it possible to deal with the notion of human error AT ALL without
without understanding the nature of control?"