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I won't phrase it this way. The intentionality of Berntano is more
general than the intention you speak of. I is related to the connection
to the world. When I see or think about an apple, without any intention
to see it in some state, than the relation between my thought and some
object out there is this "aboutness".

So with any moment Brentano posits three elements:subject, object, and
The trouble is in nailing done the subject, and in demarcating the object from
the relation. This is very different from a hierachical organization of mind.

If in addition I control for
perceiving it in my hand, still this intentionality exist. Without it
all you could say about humans that they control for a firing rate of
x MHz in Neuron YYYY. The moment you (and others here) say that a person
is controlling for a perception that something is in some position,
you already invoke Berntano's intentionalit >>

  i don't know if a disregard of Bretano's position means there is no other
option for solving the other minds problem. Moreover, i don't know if any
scientific theory invokes a philosophical position. Though some seem more in
spirit with a theory than others. What do you think?