Addiction' Prozac (from Mary)

[from Mary Powers 940430]

Clark McPhail:

the consequences of of more routinely consumed drugs in this
culture for the way control systems do their controlling...

Both Tom and Bill immediately jumped on the studies and started
kicking the statistics. However, to answer your question...:slight_smile:

Kramer, the author of the Prosac book (which I no longer have
handy since it had to go back to the library) does talk about the
recreational drugs as self-medication, helping people be more
like they want to be - less or more reactive, for instance. The
problem with these drugs is that they also diddle pleasure
centers, so that feeling good becomes disconnected from real
world processes like coping successfully with disturbances or
accomplishing goals. And I think that's what addiction is, by-
passing the usual route to satisfaction. Quite a number of mood-
altering drugs (Valium, etc.) are also addictive. What has people
excited about Prozac is that it apparently alters the control
parameters without being addictive - the two consequences are not
inextricably linked.

Mary P.

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