Adios CSG

[From Rick Marken (]

I am unsubscribing from CSGNet and will not be attending the CSG
conference. Anyone who wants to talk with me about PCT is welcome to
call or send me an e-mail at I will feel free
to do the same with those of you to whom I wish to talk about PCT.

I will continue to collect money from those who want to attend the 2001
MOL workshop and CSG conference. And I will continue to administer
CSGNet, though it would be nice if someone else would take it over.

CSGNet was a great experiment and I've gotten quite a lot out of it. I
count 3 or 4 research projects and at least that many papers based on
them that resulted directly from discussions on CSGNet. I will, of
course, continue to do modeling, research and to publish on PCT. So if
anyone is interested in PCT as a scientific discipline please stay in
touch by phone or e-mail.

Thanks for the good (which are now mostly old) memories of CSGNet.

Best regards



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