Affiliations, please

From Tom Bourbon [931101.0850]

[from Gary Cziko 931030.0250 GMT]

Tom Bourbon [931029.1615] said:

I am looking at a chapter titled "Cybernetic aspects of the
nervous system and sense organs," by M. Zimmermann, in Robert F.
Schmidt & Gerhard Thews (1983) (Eds), Human Physiology, NY:
Springer-Verlag, pp. 315-328. There are many references to
earlier work.

Please try to provide affiliations and full names of people who appear to
be close to PCT. When I run out of important things to do, I like to scour
the Internet for e-mail addresses of such people and zap them the CSGnet
introductory materials. But I need there affiliation to do this.

Professor Dr. M. Zimmermann -- that's all the authors and editors provided
for a name. Only the editors are identified by full names. But I did find
a list of authors. In the 80s, P. D. M. Z's address was:

II.Physiologisches Institut der Universitat,
Im Neuenheimer Feld 236
D-6900 Heidelberg

I'm pleased to see that several of you picked up on my unstated message when
I posted on Zimmermann's chapter -- there are people out there who are very
close, in many of the right ways. I'm pressed for time this morning, but
later I will post a few (shorter) quotes from other chapters, by other
authors, in the same book. It provides an "interesting" mix of good control
theory and traditional lineal descriptive models. I have the impression one
or both of the editors told the chapter authors to include at least
something on control theory; perhaps the editors even provided the examples
for each author. I say that because the control theory example often stands
out in sharp contrast with the remainder of the chapter.

More later,