[From Bruce Abbott (960206.0950 EST)]

Rick Marken (960205.2100) --

Boy it's quiet out there.

I feel like Captain Ahab scanning the sea for Moby Bruce.

By a rather strange coincidence, I HAVE been underwater, but unfortunately
in my own home. I returned home late Sunday afternoon to discover that one
of the water pipes serving the washer had burst during the cold snap and
thawed while the family was away; the entire ground floor was awash to a
depth of over one inch (water was running out the front door). I spent the
evening bailing water and yesterday dealing with the aftermath: getting
contractors out and so on. What a mess. The good news is that the walls
and tile floors survived and the insurance company is going to replace the

So, Ahab, you've been looking for me in the wrong ocean. As to your questions:

Do you know of any EABer (or conventional psychologist) who is acting
(by testing for spontefaction) as though he or she is aware of the
possibility that organisms may be spontefacting perceptual representations
of variables in the environment?

Bruce Abbott (960205.1015 EST) --


Excellent!! Could you tell us who it is and what he or she has done that
suggests an awareness that organisms might be spontefacting (controlling)?

Me! (:->

But seriously, I mentioned several others earlier who have evidenced such an
awareness, including John Staddon. George Collier, whose work on what
Killeen calls "ecologics" we have discussed, could also be included in that
category. None of these folks have systematically tested for the spv, to my
knowledge; however, I don't pretend to be an expert in what everyone in the
field has done or is doing.

What behavioral phenomenon does perceptual spontefaction theory

Gee, I don't know. Could it be -- spontefaction? Or are you aiming more
generally, at behavior itself?

Now Ahab, could you give me a list of all the PCTers who are studying
discrimination, generalization, learning, and memory, and perhaps what
they've learned about these topics thus far from the unique perspective of
spontefaction theory?