aftereffect experiment

]Pat Af from Pat Alfano]
Dick Robertson showed me your comments on the aftereffect experiment, and I
wanted to raise some still unaswered questions. I have had a few people try
the experiment, and have tried it on different computers, no one is getting
any aftereffects. The first version on the program you made for me induced
aftereffects in everyone who tried it. Could something have changed in the
later version to eliminate the aftereffects? Would like to use the program to
if visual aftereffects are related to motion sickness. What do you think the
problem could be?
By the way I recently received my degree from DePaul. Fw Feels good to be
a Ph.D. Would feel better if I had a job.
How do you like Colorado? We re in the process of selling our house, will
probably stay in Chicage. Hope you and Mary are well. Hope to 'talk' to you
again. Pat Alfano