Alan Turing's death

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[Turing] was a great scientist (probably killed by some sort of CIA agent
because he was gay and therfore subject to blackmail not blackbox).

To quote Robert Epstein in _AI Magazine_, vol 13, #2, Summer 1992, page 93:

"Elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1951, Turing tragically
  committed suicide in 1954 at 41 after being convicted of homosexuality,
  then a crime under British law."

Remi Cote 010296.0842

Andrew Hodges wrote a good biography about Turing and the enigma of
his death. Turing was romanticaly involved with a communist spy...
He wasn't depressed or hasn't made any sign prior to his alledged
suicide. He has a couple of great project to do with his computer.
he was young, healty. And he died when eating an apple(no you see
where the company got her name(joke))injected with cyanide...

Why the cia guy didn't frame a car crash, now that is a mystery!

Remi "parano" Cote