All quiet on the AI front

[From Rick Marken (930902.1120 PDT)]

All of you PhD candidates and researchers out there who are
afraid that your incredible PCT-based research ideas will be
discovered and "stolen" by mainstream engineers, biologists,
or life scientists can rest easy; they aren't even close.

One of the best (well, funniest) talks at the AI symposium
was about "biologically based" models of "intelligent systems"
that might be useful to engineers. This talk was a crack-up
because the "biological" models were obviously based on
engineering models; and these engineering models were,
themselves, clearly based on what the engineers thought
the biologists were saying in the first place; it was
input-output all the way. Control of perception was NOT
a hot topic.

Bill Powers (930902.0630 MDT) re Hans Blom (930902)

I was going to write a big reply to Hans myself but I'll let
yours be mine.

Basically, I was going to explain why Hans' diagram makes clear
that what he calls "adaptive control" is NOT reorganization. I
think you handled that just fine -- and then some, showing that
Hans' diagram could not even be a model of a living system.

I think that Hans' diagram illustrates very clearly the
difference between the PCT approach and that of standard control

I think that control engineering could benefit from understanding
how organisms accomplish control.

-- it might even lead to
formal organizational design principles, which are remarkably
lacking in all the textbooks I've ever seen.

Here. Here.