American Behavioral Scientist

[From Dag Forssell (980728.2300)]

A while back, Marc Abrams told me that Sage Publications, publishers of the
volume Rick Marken edited, did not answer their phone. I called from here
and found that they did, but then was told that the issue of ABS was out of

I have asked Rick how we can make the articles available if the issue is
out of print.

Today, Rick called and found that the issue is not out of print after all,
but the last 60 copies had been put aside (slow moving??).

If you want your own copy, call Sage (805) 499-0721 and ask for Mary Lee
Quady, extension 7156. Ask her for American Behavioral Scientist volume 34
/ number 1, September / October 1990. Be aware that the issue was priced at
11 dollars to individuals but 22 dollars to institutions.

Highly recommended.

Best, Dag
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