Amicus Brief; Stress

[From Bruce Abbott (950610.1935 EST)]

Bill Leach 950609.19:08 U.S. Eastern Time Zone --

[From Bruce Abbott (950609.1145 EST)]

We find in his statements great insight and wisdom concerning all those
cases wherein he agrees with our position. As to the rest, well,
nobody's perfect.

Interesting statement. Are you saying that IF I agree with you then my
statements contain "great insight and wisdom" but IF I DO NOT so agree
then they fail to contain "insight and wisdom"?

C'mon, Bill, that was intended to be funny. Guess I should have put the
little "winky-face" after it to make that clear ;-> Where did everyone's
sense of humor go on Friday, on vacation?

Thanks for the nice discussion on "stress," including generally accepted
conclusions from past debates on the topic on CSG-L.



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[From Bruce Abbott (950610.1935 EST)]

You are right but then you were not. I did presume that the statement
was in jest (I don't view you as being an arrogant person)... but I did
note that there was no "smiley" so I thought I would slam you back!

Thanks for the comment on stress. Seriously though, I probably should
have written that up, saved it, and then reviewed and edited it for later

That discussion was really an attempt on my part to point out some of the
insidous difficulties that we face when attempting to discuss what goes
on in the higher levels of HPCT. So often (most of the time?), the ideas
that we lable probably do not actually have a "real" existance within us
that is even remotely similar to what we mean when we use the label.


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[Bruce Abbott (9506??.??? EST)]


Something else just occured to me...

We were talking about "error" signal values in "normal" controllers and I
talked about the behaviour of the signal with respect to perception
variation from reference conditions.

I think that we might have been actually talking about different signals.
That is, I was talking about the "error" as it would be seen at the
comparitor output and I suspect that you may have been talking about the
"error" signal viewed at the actuator input. Is this possibly correct?

The two signals would behave quite differently in most controllers. For
one thing the actuator input seldom "slams the needle" in reasonable
control situations even though the comparitor output often does.