An HPCT Zero Error Conflict Resolution Method

[ From Marc Abrams (2003.03.11.1618) ]

This getting to be fun :slight_smile: OK here goes;

My HZECR method works like this;

Think of something that is bothering you. _Anything_. But try to make it
something that's bugging you.

Got it?

Ok. You have just done 3 things. 1) You have identified a Controlled
Variable 2) You have Identified a reference level for probably some
intermediate level variable. 3) you have discovered the error signal of the
the variable from the level above.

Now the fun begins.

You can go up, down,sideways in the hierarchy by asking simple Why, What
and How questions. You can discover variables that affect more then one
lower variable and behaviors that people use to reduce error. It is much
easier then even attempting to do this from the top down.

In certain circumstances, it might even prove more helpful then a tracking
task in trying to _explain_ HPCT to someone.

An example;

1) I am concerned about losing weight.

That is an error signal and the reference for the level below

_what_ actions am I taking to reduce that error?

2) I am on a diet ; a second CV is discovered a level below 1 above.

Now I have a choice. I can ask a what question again and go done another
level. Or I can ask a why question and find another CV from the level
above. You can continue this till your hearts content. Discovering actions
that are used to resolve error.

I believe this happens a great deal more then having different perceptions
with regard to the same reference level.

What do you think?