An Important Question Please read

From [ Marc Abrams (2003.02.28.1209)]

Please take two minutes to consider these points.

  1. I have gone through 320 of the 55,338 Google hits I got on General Adaptation Syndrome and I will continue to do so.

  2. Of those, approx. 70 % dealt with Psychological research and education and 30% with Physiological Research and education.

  3. ALL, yes 100% ( just like the vote count for Sadaam :-), take that Bruce and Rick LOL ) have taken the Selye research as a given. No if’s and’s or buts and is, the accepted foundation for “Stress” research, in both the fields of Psychology and Physiology,

  4. GAS is used as an explanation of What happens, as observed behavior of a linear input - output system. It does not explain How or Why, and we all know why this is the case. :slight_smile:

  5. “Stress” has been given as the reason for everything from a simple headache to Cancer, and Heart Disease as well as the obvious Psychological consequences.

  6. I have proposed that the GAS model by Selye is in fact a control system. Not a simple one but an HPCT one, and that Selye’s model is a simplified explanation for HPCT.

  7. Now, If I am correct. And I am not, at this time, saying anything of the sort. I want to test it. The implications should be self evident.

  8. Bill’s model (HPCT) defines Stress.

People, do you understand the implications of this?