An Invitation

From [Marc Abrams (2006.05.13.1742)]

It’s been awhile and I hope all is well with everyone. Things have not been static on my end.

I have started a Psychology Chapter in the System Dynamics Society and we currently have 34 members. This should expand after the SD Conference in July.

We will be using some new and innovative ways of trying to discuss the best ways of modeling psychological phenomenon and I would like to invite anyone who wants a different perspective on how control is involved in human behavior to join us in this effort

We are not competing with CSGnet. We have taken a functional & metaphorical approach to control utilizing the strength and structure of system dynamics to help us understand control at a high level of abstraction. That is, at the organism level.

My interest and those of a number of others is to see the use and expansion of control in thinking about human psychology.

The list is moderated and not limited to control, but I believe control will be the dominant focus of the group.

In approximately two weeks we will be starting an informal roundtable with audio/video conferencing and redoing several SD papers on psychological phenomenon in a control framework in SD.

The papers involved are on Depression, “Burnout”, and a few other interesting topics. The purpose is to see if we can utilize SD to get at the dynamics involved with all the functions related to the control processes involved with these phenomenon.

Again, all are welcome and you do not have to join or be a member of the Society.