An Open Door

From[Bill Williams 9 May 2004 7:50 PM CST]

[From Dan Miller (04.06.09 - 17:50 EDT)]

Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about dear old Tom Kuhn. But, we managed to live through the paradigm mania. I also would agree that it is possible to approach matters from the stanpoint of demonstrating the advange of a new conception in the context of an anomoly. This is a more modest, and tractible, more comprehensible, more communicable that a totalist committement to revolution.

I started applying control theory to problems in economics paradox by paradox, and I still, for the most part, think of what I am attempting to do in piecemeal terms. However when I came into conflict with Bill Powers in regards to economic issues, I began to think about more encompasing issues, and what might be a genuinely adaquate sophistology. Charles S. Peirce's work which starts with a relational rather than a substansive point of view seems to have some potential. But, I haven't gotten into a study of Peirce yet.

I would also agree with what you have to say about institutional support, funding, graduate students and much, much more that is needed. I wonder when the graduate dean at Harvard is going to cut a check? That at least is how some people describe the "real start" of the cognitive revolution. THere is that word-- revolution again. Rather than a revolution, I like to think in terms of a full stomach. A full stomach might quiet some of the jumpy nerves.

You say, regarding your attitude,

I suppose this position gets me excommunicated.

If so, you might find a refuge with some of us on the ECACS forum. We aren't severely obsrvant high church people. Rather, we are somewhat inclined to be free thinkers (within reason ) and Martin Taylor is our Rabbi, but he a mostly a free spirited reform Rabbi.

Bill Williams