Anastasio to Powers

[from Tom Anastasio 930507 via Gary Cziko]

Bill [Powers]:

Thanks for filling me in on the history of HPCT and its relation to
oculomotor neurophysiology. I did my post-doc with Robinson who, by
introducing concepts from systems and control theory, seems to have done
for oculomotor neurophysiology what you have done for behavior. I am
dismayed to learn, however, that while Robinson has found acceptance for
his ideas, you are still struggling for acceptance of yours.

As I have indicated many times to Gary, I think your style of thinking is
compatible with that of theoretically minded neurophysiologists and
computational neuroscientists. Your work might find supporters among the
reviewers of such journals as Biological Cybernetics, and the members of
societies like the International Neural Network Society. But these folks
are not really behaviorists, and I get the impression that your contribution
lies mostly in the behavioral arena.

Thank you for your invitation to "struggle along". I'll have to decline,
however, since I have my own hard battle to fight. Instead, let me extend
my empathy and best wishes, and assert that, should I ever be in the
position, I will judge fairly any proposal or paper that concerns HPCT.

Tom Anastasio.