And now for something completely different..

[From Bruce Gregory (970325.1330 EST)]

I took my two dogs for a walk in the woods the other day. The
dogs have very different "personalities". Adam, the Sheltie, is
quite cautious and "circumspect". Mattie, the Keeshund, is
reckless and impulsive. Mattie forges ahead with a "dam the
topedos" attitude. Adam picks his path through unfamiliar
ground. I could almost "see" Adam picturing where he wanted to
be and taking a path that would get him there while avoiding
obstacles and suspect ground. He is definitely a HPC system.
Mattie, on the other hand, can more more easily pass as an S-R
system, especially when I let one of the cats into the house...
Both dogs look like S-R systems when a squirrel appears. But we
know differently, don't we....

Bruce Gregory