Announcement about Closed Loop

[from Mary Powers 941202]

Some important news about the Control Systems Group:

For a variety of reasons, the next issue of Closed Loop will be
the last, at least for now.

Because a large proportion of dues went to pay for this
publication, all current members are entitled to a refund of $25.
Current members include: those who paid in lieu of registering
for the conference, those who registered for and/or attended the
conference, and those who sent in dues after the conference (that
is, since the end of July).

If you would like to contribute this money to the CSG to defray
future student conference expenses, it would be very welcome. If
you would like a refund, please contact me at

or at 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301-8136 or (303) 247-7986.

To those who have not yet renewed, non-members and lurkers: dues
are now $20 ($5 for students). Most of this is used for students
attending the conferences.

I hope to send out mailings from time to time, especially to
members who for one reason or another are not on the net and for
whom Closed Loop was their primary contact with CSG. It would be
very helpful if anyone who gets a paper published, or talks at a
conference, or teaches a class, or does anything CSG-related,
would let me know about it in order to relay the good news to the
non-cyberspace hinterland. And please keep Greg Williams updated
on any published material for his archives and ever-expanding CSG

One more thing: In addition to dropping Closed Loop, Greg
Williams is no longer handling distribution for CSG Press. for
those who want copies of Powers' Living Control Systems and
Living Control Systems II, Marken's Mind Readings, and
Robertson's Introduction to Modern Psychology, they are all
available now from New View Publications, P.O. Box 3021, Chapel
Hill NC 27515-3021.

A huge round of applause now for Greg, who edited and produced
those books, and for four years did the same for Closed Loop.
And for Ed Ford, who handled Closed Loop mailings for most of
that time.

Mary P. (Sec'y/Treas., CSG)
Gary Cziko (Pres.)
Dag Forssell (Pres.-Elect)

[From Dick Robertson] (941203.2130CST)
Three cheers indeed for Greg and Ed and everyone who contributed to
closed loop. Sorry to hear of its demise. Are there still plans for
a PCT journal, or at least occasional papers?
Best, Dick R.