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* Oded --
* If having one god is an improvement over having many, then doesn't it follow
* (like the night the day) that less than one god is better than one? And that
* zero god is better than even a fraction of one?
* Inquiring naive atheists want to know.
* -----

That's easy: not every function is monotone ("goodness" = f(N) where
N is the number of gods). Besides, I was not advocating monotheism.
I used "naive atheism" in the same sense of "naive realism", namelly
the belief that enlightenment and science took as away from the dark
ages of ignorance and of beliefs in fairy tales, to the age of reason,
freedom and democracy.

As usuaul, let me recommend a book that I have not read (but skimmed
the French translation) called "Voltaire's Bastards" written by an
Anerican who's last name is Saul.

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